New webpage- need feedback

I haven’t really showed anyone my work before but I wanted to see if anyone can give me feed back so that I can see if there is anything I can learn so that I can improve.

Maybe a bit much transparency for readability. And your text is going out of bounds. Try choosing another font and see how that goes with your overall design. And I’m seeing html> on the top left corner:


But I like the overall setup here. The background video with glitch is a nice touch. And I’m also an anime fan, although I haven’t watched any for a long time.

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Thank you. I fixed the problem. I wanted to try something new and I was wanting the video to show anywhere you look. Is there any tricks you can think of? That’s all I could come up with at the moment.

Also, do you have any idea how to make my video responsive? I want to have it where I can show it on my phone? Im working on the navbar now and kinda having trouble so I know im going to have trouble with the video since its not popping up.