Oracle jet dev vs web dev

Hi guys, first of all i would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the creators of this website and all those amazing super men and women who had helped me on the forum.
After 3 and half months of studying i finished css,html,java script,bootsrtap,jquery and sass.
I’m currently studying react and i am like 70% accepted in this internship which could lead to landing an actual job (fingers crossed :smiley: ) .

Now i have been offered two different jobs and i lack the knowledge and the experience to choose correctly so i hope you guys can tell me which is better and why ?.
i have to choose between being an orcale jet developer or a web developer which is better?.
The dud who was interviewing me told me that Oracle jet is the number one erp in something i can’t remember…anyways hope u guys can help me out .

Note: the job is in my home country Egypt.

What is oracle jet dev? It sounds to me like a web dev position as well.

Even if it’s in the same corp, depending on each team, things will differ like salary, work environment, etc… I would contact hiring managers for each position and ask questions about it or look up on glassdoor to see what people say.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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as an oracle jet developer i will study its course for 4 months (1 basic and the other 3 advanced same would happen if i chose the web dev but the courses i take will differ)…the oracle jet is like a path, like a huge thing separated from the others. for example u can’t possibly be an engineer and a doctor at the same time!. so i am in a position where i need to choose whether to go left or right .i’m not really that much concerned about the salary at the moment…i wana know which has a better future? salary abroad ? which has more opportunities abroad ?..extra,extra,extra

Honestly, when I looked into Oracle Jet it looks likes just another JavaScript framework.

The souce code looks like i leverages JQuery and Knockout

I’m not seeing where the massive divergence is compared to learning react/Vue/Angular for other web dev, only thing is it has more pre-built components. I feel like it is a red flag when you asked about Oracle JET and no one knows what it is even though it is open sourced. Maybe it is more popular in Egypt, but on Indeed, there is only 17 entries that specifically mention JET and 7 of them are Oracle position. It looks very niche, also I don’t see why a web dev cannot learn this

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Wow that is Amazing! Oracle is the largest Database company in the world and I believe Google runs on oracle to. There very sophisticated. Yes Oracle Jet is also front end dev…but they are tools designed to specifically interact with Oracle Databases…probably making your job easier as well because you will be working with in the same framework. Well I assume, Again Oracles data structures are massive and they handle things out of scope of other solutions like MySQL. I would DEFINITELY go with oracle. You get to learn front end and an elite skill that companies really need.

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ERP is enterprise resource planning, and Oracle sell a lot of stuff for that, maybe that’s what he was talking about? It’s an SPA framework, though it’s definitely not a popular one.

Jet is a JS toolkit framework for single page apps, kinda like React (although using much older technologies) but with part of it designed to make it easy to interact with other Oracle stuff.

I’m assuming it’s exclusively used by Enterprise users of Oracle products, as it has absolutely zero visibility in the wider world (for example, with a quick Google I can find only couple of job postings in the UK that even mention it in passing, and they are both for Oracle consultants). More general web development skills are likely much more transferrable - if you move jobs, it is unlikely you’ll ever touch JET again. Lots of big businesses use Oracle products though, so knowing how to work with them in general is no a bad thing.

Do be aware that Oracle has a generally terrible reputation as regards their software from a developer point of view - not just from a general point of view (which is that Oracle are the worst company)

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oh good points, Oracle is mainly used by big companies, banks, healthcare. business that really need stability I am by know means an expert in this and Dan surely has more industry experience. Most of this comes from friends who also work in niche fields of securities and specific company designations. You also have to be careful with opinion’s on Quora and other places. Please don’t take my advice as you might be nothing like me but I I will give a couple more points to see which is right for you.

So I would first research what companies use Oracle. Look ahead 5 years from now and try to imagine the kind of life you want to live and where you want to live. Are these the kind of companies you want to work for? Where are they located?
Look at what people say about Oracle on glassdoor, indeed, etc.
What kind of projects do you make in Oracle? Will this make you happy?

Really dig deep, do your own research from as many sources as possible but please be aware that people have a tendency towards negativity and seeing the world through their experience. Try to find another Oracle Jet developer to see what their daily job duties are. I believe since Oracle is so stable there are less likely to be fires to put out. You might have more free time.

Job volume doesn’t matter as results don’t paint the whole picture. It’s a niche field and though there are less jobs advertised there are also less qualified people. The companies that use Oracle will not take chances with anybody handling their data. You can’t just say your an Oracle developer you need to prove it.

If you get Oracle certified you will also have a login for Oracle, companies that then need Oracle developers post with Oracle and that is also where you find most of the jobs. So again a search is misleading when it comes to niche fields. Niche fields often pay more as well. you can get oracle certified and still learn react and other frameworks but it would be more difficult to do this the other way around as there are test you have to pass and study for. You might also have to take tests every 1-2 years to prove you are keeping current with Oracle best practices.

You are also more likely to make successful contacts in this area as its all enterprise level. The people you work with will be professionals.

Now I leave all that for you to consider. if you have to write down pros and cons on a piece of paper do so. It’s a big decision. But honestly finding work in ether field is easy. It’s more what will you enjoy more.

all THAT being said LOL, I have changed my mind because for me,I do not like working with in big companies. I like being artistic and creative. Banks and healthcare are not known for this. But I have put my time in the corporate world. I am better for it but have no wish to go back and I prefer instability, side projects and freelancing.

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I don’t know if the OP ever mentioned that the job is at Oracle, although it is a reasonable assumption when it seems primarily Oracle is hiring for this specific technology

I think actual divergent part isn’t that you will be a Oracle Jet developer per se rather you would be a ERP developer which is a much more transferable skill and jet is just one of the tool they teach you. These are questions really better posed for your recruiter and hiring manager that offer you the position in the first place


True, but it is safe to assume he isn’t, he’d just be working on Oracle products (there is no reason at all for him to have been offered Oracle JET training if this were not the case). There’s no reason to not do this if that’s the job on offer; it’s just a dev job, and being offered paid on the job training is a good thing generally, I should have emphasised that. My response was coloured a bit by my assumption that the training will have been sold to the company by Oracle sales reps who will have pushed JET as a solution, that’s why I’d say OP should think carefully


ok guys,i’ll stop your guessing and give u more info ; the company i would be working for isn’t oracle but oracle made a contract with it making it somethin like a dealership or so. i am to receive 1 month of training (not paid) then i get assessed ,if i pass i am to receive another 3 months of paid advanced training then i actually work there.