Peronsal Portolio - Feedback

Just finished my personal portfolio. Ran into a number of interesting problems while building it and feel like some of my solutions might not be best practice. Please take a look and let me know what you think.


Looks very nice! And the header is so clean :slight_smile:

A heads up: you got the text for the Technical Documentation duplicated on your Tribute Page link! ^^

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Thanks! I’ll fix that!

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Looks good! I like the font choice and the animation on the portfolio items.

I think the navigation menu isn’t immediately obvious - might be the font is a bit too small or the positioning needs to be adjusted.

I think a bit of extra padding at the bottom of the portfolio section, so the items aren’t quite so close to the bottom of the section, might not go amiss.

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Hey Justin! Beautiful project, it’s so smooth and well designed

I agree with @paul_dee, you should make the navigation stand out a bit more with some padding and maybe a slightly larger font

When I went to smaller screen size, some of the font was a bit small. It might just be my awful eyes, but the testimonials’ names were difficult to read.

Tough to nitpick the project though, I do think you did a wonderful job!

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Thanks for the excellent feedback! I’m going to continue through the javascript course and then come back to touch up my portfolio and other projects based on your input.

First off, really good job. Here are a couple of thoughts.

  • in your Portfolio section, I would have an image background of what you are linking to in each circle. It will make it look better.

  • in your Testimonials section, I would make the grayed-out 225 x 225 areas wider if those are going to be pics. If they are just going to be colors, then ignore.

  • I think that the Footer area should be as wide as your Portfolio area.


  • Go here and do this: Secure Your Contact Email for Your Projects.

I hope this helps you.