Personal portfilio

it’s bad or worse or better…??? :thinking:

looks good overall, though the menu font looks a little large, to nitpick.
I don’t think the phrase:

I wrote some programs that you can see in this page

sounds very professional, “you can see my latest projects below” might be better.
Also usually portfolio’s have thumbnail links to projects, so six or so fit on a page, but that just might be personal preference. For instance, I clicked on the projects menu and thought I had been taken to a contact info form. It didn’t dawn on me immediately that is was a project pic.
Hope it helps.

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Good job there but it can look better. Choose flat colors and follow modern web structure to achieve better design.

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@nikrb of course, it helps, thank you so much. :star_struck: I changed the menu font-size and my quotation. Three of the programs have a button to see the details, and others I just didn’t put on any website. :slightly_smiling_face:

@silversurfer90 Thank you a lot. I will try every time to do better than last time :slightly_smiling_face: