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Hey! there
I need a review on my personal portfolio website.
Check out this👇


Hi @ajayboro7277,

you have done a great job. I find two things that can be improved in my opinion:

  1. When you make the screen size smaller, the page is responsive - no doubt, but the images gets too small. Moreover i opened your portfolio in mobile (specifically on Iphone 7) and the images of your projects are gone.

  2. Your images quality seems little low (try using high resolution images if possible) and try making the edges little smooth.

Other than that you have done a tremendous job.

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Hey @ajayboro7277!

I like the layout of your portfolio. It’s very clean, and I like how the images change as you scroll along. It’s a cool effect and looks great.

I reviewed your projects as well, and I noticed that you have 1 failing test on your Tribute page. It looks like the image is not centered properly. Since the Tribute page is the first project in your portfolio, I’d highly recommend fixing it to give a good first impression. Your other featured projects are all passing the tests just fine.

Good work.

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@abhishekchohan Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

@celetra Thank you for giving time to review my site and as well as the projects.

1 word. Lit

That’s a genius way to showcase your projects lol, would have never thought of that

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Thank you so much @revenstar2 for reviewing my portfolio.