Personal Portfolio: Critiques Welcome!

It was an arduous multi-day ordeal, but it is finally done! Maybe.

Your portfolio is awesome from my mind especially the first part with the name and profession .
The second part is not awesome neither bad. In the third part I think you should change the size of pictures(make them smaller) and the fourth part is awesome like the first one.

I am sorry for my poor English. It is not my mother tongue.

Take a look at it on mobile. The main issues are the navbar not collapsing, the buttons in the about section do not contain their text correctly and there is an issue with the “fixed” image attribute on IOS. Looks nice on my laptop.

I’m trying to do something with the social media buttons. That seems to be the only black spot in the android simulator (for the most recent android devices at least). I cannot find any issues with the navbar not collapsing. However, all of my image sizing and text positioning fail on iPhones. Maybe IPhones do not support Bootstrap. If that is the case, then developing for iPhone is currently beyond my abilities.

Apparently the iPhone does not like width: 100vh, which sets the height of the initial title frame to height of the viewing screen. The navbar also does not stay fixed at the top of the screen but rather scrolls off if you scroll, but not if use the navigation buttons. However, there is no problem with the social buttons, unlike android.

Developing for multiple platforms using a single codebase is proving to be quite a pain.

I now have two versions that appear to work with the latest Android devices:

Why do I have two? In one, the social media buttons are implemented as links with button classes added and the buttons are centered within their cells by text centering. In the other, the social media buttons are implemented as buttons with links inside and the buttons are centered within their cells by block centering. This turned out to have nothing to do with the problem, but I may as well hang on to both versions for now.

The portfolio site will continue to fail on iOS devices until either iOS browsers implement some of the newer CSS features or I learn enough javascript to mimic these CSS features. So maybe by the end of next week? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: