Personal Portfolio Project - Feedback Please!

Hi all!

I’ve gotten great inspiration from seeing other’s portfolio projects as I’ve scraped through these forum pages. I spent the past week working on mine, with strictly HTML and CSS. I’ve seen some great projects that include Javascript; however, I wanted to stick strictly to what I have learned thus far, and improve on it in the future as I further my education. I would appreciate any, and all, forms of feedback. Any suggestions for improvement is greatly appreciated. You can view my portfolio here. Thanks so much!

Edit: Also, the contact links are makeshift for the time being, since I do not currently have a LinkedIn or Github, yet. But when I do, the links will go directly to those sites!

I like the simplicity, not sure if this is meant to happen though?

It cuts off the projects with the footer?

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Thanks so much for catching that! I had the containers set to a percentage instead of a certain pixel height. That seems to have fixed the issue. Let me know how that looks now! Thank you!

I like the spacing (makes me want to revisit my portfolio page) and I like the image change between screen widths.


Awesome! The site looks very good. Good job

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Thank you so much, i appreciate that!

Hey, thank you! Means a bunch. I’d love to check out yours as well!

Great job @dylanmestyanek I liked your portfolio very much :heart_eyes:

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I like your design.

Now you knew there was going to be a “but…” and here it is, but your portfolio doesn’t meet all of the user story requirements.

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Right on! Thank you @MaheshPawar97! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Roma! I appreciate your feedback. User story requirements, are you referring to the FCC guidelines? In regards to specific naming of each element?

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Yes @dylanmestyanek that’s what I mean

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I just posted it here is the link portfolio
If you check it out don’t hold back with the critiques.

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  1. Your images are not loading in Firefox. Look at the screenshot I uploaded. That is how is looks in my browser. Try to test in multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Android browser (mobile view, very important), (and IE??).
  2. The hover effects add a cool and unexpected effect when mousing over elements.

Thanks @brandon_wallace, that’s super insightful feedback. I was unfamiliar with differences in browsers. Is there a reason why the image would load in one browser, in comparison to another? Should I upload the image to a different site?

Sorry, I did something weird to my browser. The images are loading fine now in Firefox.

However, in general, you may need to add CSS prefixes because certain CSS features are not supported by each browser. You would have to check to see if the website looks the same in each browser, or you can check for browser support.

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No worries, thanks so much! Very helpful, I appreciate the feedback.

I dig it man! The style and feel is great. I really enjoy the movement effects with your projects preview. The only feedback I have would be on the topic of overall look. I find the font size to be a bit overwhelming in some areas such as “The Fight” title. Along with the yellow containers following the title, they seem to be extremely wide on a desktop screen; however, when it scales down to a thinner screen width, those yellow containers fall off the screen on each side. Maybe leave them in a stacked orientation for smaller width’s, such as a mobile screen? Just a suggestion. Overall, really enjoy it, dude!