Personal portfolio

Hi, I’d like some feedback for my personal portfolio before I submit it to freecodecamp curriculum.
This is the link to the website:
And this is for the github repository so you can check my code: GitHub - emmaa5/ My portfolio
Thank you for whoever take their time, I really appreciate it

Hi @e2ma

It is a great job! Congrats!

The issues I have encontered in my PC, using Chrome was:

1 - Your header has too much space around, maybe using a bigger text, more padding -or centering text -, and using a gradient as background color… Or even an animation moving the text from left to center, for example.

2 - Projects cards could have some box-shadow and border-radius on (even asymmetric ones, not all borders looking the same it is what I mean).
In the HTML every project could be an article element, using divs if it is necessary for your CSS.
If you structure your cards into two elements, content and image, you could use flexbox to help them to wrap if it is necessary (flex-flow: row wrap;). You could use flex property in those two elements (flex items) to achieve what you want (flex: flex-grow flex-shrink flex-basis;).

3 - Last thing, to avoid your body gets too wide or too small you could give it this CSS rules:

body {
  min-width: 250px;
  max-width: 960px;
  margin: auto; // just to center it in the page

This is just a few ideas, but I truly think you could improve your layout doing something like that.

Great job anyway!!! Keep the good work!!

I hope I have explained well and this helps. Happy coding!


Hey emma!

I checked out your website on my phone and here are a few things i would recommend you to work on.

  1. The project thumbnails get a bit too small on smaller screens as you can see in the screenshot.

  1. Add a bit of line-height to the project description to give it some breathing room.

  2. Your navbar’s a bit too close to the corners, you can fix that by either adding a padding to the open navbar button or change the top and right properties in this ruleset.

  1. This is a bit opinionated but i would recommend you to not use vh units for sizing your sections because if you view the sections or really big screens, your content can look really out of place. Just click ctrl - a bunch of times and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Other than that, your portfolio looks great. Happy coding!! :smile:


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