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I just finished the Responsive web design 5 projects and would appreciate any feedback.
Thank you.

Hello Noha, your portfolio looks Lovely and it’s responsive! congratulations on completing all 5 projects!! :clap:
I have 2 things to point out though

  1. The images aren’t loading
  2. It would be better for link your “Show All” link to your own profile rather than dashboard as it sends the visitor to his own profile.

Congratulations again!

Thank you very much!
I will look into that.

Hey Noha,

great work!


  • more contrast between colors, some text is hard to read for me. You can use a Contrast Checker
  • the hover effects of your projects execute immediately, a transition would be great
  • the hover effects of your projects increase the size of the parent box
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Good job Noha! I love the way, you designed the Survey form but I think you can work more on font size and background scheme for landing page etc. Best wishes.

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This portfolio is really cool!
I like the colors that give the impression of glowing in the dark. An awesome thing to add for a glowing effect is some neon-ish green box-shadows.

The images aren’t displaying and there might be an issue with the documentation button. It resizes when I hover on it instead of its text changing position.

To get the image of your project, go to it, click “settings”, press “pen settings”, scroll down and you will see the screenshot of your project. Right-click on it, press “copy image address”, and paste the URL of your project image where it’s supposed to be.

Try assigning the scroll-behavior css command to html, body. It makes the scrolling smoother when you press on one of the nav-links.

You did a really nice job on this. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you very much for taking the time to review and compliment my project. :blush:
I have an issue with images.
I tried copying the screenshot from codepen but they turn out with very small text and codepen doesn’t allow me to manipulate them.
The solution I am currently using is copying the image addresses from dropbox. And you are the second reviewer to note that they don’t load.
Any suggested remedies?

Try this:
In the bottom corner of your pen, there is a button that says “embed”.
Click on that and you will see your pen in a smaller screen. There is some code at the bottom if you scroll down. Copy that, and paste it in your portfolio.
Hope it works.

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Hi Noha,
nice job! I really liked the colors you used and the feel of your website. Page is responsive as said in description which is great.
Having the contact icons at the bottom is professional, nice to see them.

Keep the good work going!

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