Personal Project - Skyrim Character Randomizer

Hello all, I just wanted some feedback on a project that I made that I thought was cool. My project was based on a game from a game made by the game developer, Bethesda.

The whole idea was to be able to be able to pull from the data that I stored on all the character options a person could have when starting the game and help them to create a random but viable character from it.

I came up with this idea because whenever I play the game, I have no idea what kind of character to play so I tended to pick whatever I was already comfortable with choosing.

Hopefully you all think it is as cool as I think it is and let me know if this is a project I can actually put in my portfolio.

Here is the link to my codepen with the project code: Skyrim Character Randomizer


Does anyone know if this would be an acceptable project to include in my portfolio as a developer?

This is a really cool program. Can you just add a font that matches the subject of your program a little better and also make it so that the user can get another character without reloading the page?

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Any fonts that you have in mind?
And being able to reset the program without reloading the page ks a great idea, that I will work on.

Hi @Cosmo96. Cool project. I’m frankly not familiar with this game, but I definitely think you should include it in your portfolio since you’re clearly passionate about it! I suggest that you work on making it look slightly better. For free font options, check out Google Fonts. Maybe consider changing the styling of the button, or trying a different color palette? Have fun with it.

Thank you for the feedback, I will change up the font and button style and add the functionality to allow people to reset the program

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