Personal website and project feedback

Hi lovely people,

I am Pedro and i spend the last year learning web technologies and software engineering concepts. I will like to share with you my personal website and my main project and it will be very nice i i can get some feedback from you guys.

All the best guys,


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Hi Pedro, greetings from Berlin

This is one of the most professional portfolios I’ve seen
on here so far. Very clean, on the point, like portfolios
you apply for tech jobs with should be.

For your project, it would pay to work with a designer to bring
some color, life and structure into the pages, it’s too minimalistic
at this stage.

Not too much though, i can imagine this as a brainstorm/ mindmap app
for people who want a clean, dashboard-like application. For users
that find competitors like too colorful.

If this is a project you want to get hired with, maybe make this the next
steps and versions: add new features that the competitors have, market the product to a technical crowd that want a clean, dashboard-like experience.

That said all steps into the right direction.

Hi Daniel,

First i want to say thank you very much for taking the time a review my projects. It is very nice to receive positive feedback.

You are right about the application, it is quite minimal, some color could add more life to it. At the same time you are also right that it depend on the user. It comes to my mind for example the difference between Figma and and Excalidraw. Where Figma is a fully featured design tool but Excalidraw is a more simple sketch type of tool mainly use by engineers.

The main goal of the application is to show my skills as a full-stack javascript developer, but of course if there are user with real interest i will love to develop it further.

Send you greetings from Braunshcweig.


Glad I could help,

From a technical standpoint you accomplished your goal to
demonstrate your skills. I didn’t encounter any problems
during the test.

You could even leave this project as it is for now, saying in
job interviews that you asked for feedback and realized you
need to hand it over to an UX/ UI team first before further
development. This shows the interviewer that you know your
professional limits and will do what’s best for the product.

Much success on your way.

Hi @Petar, good looking portfolio. I did notice one thing when navigating your site (I’m on my phone):

If I click on light mode, I no longer see the hamburger icon or the toggle icon.

Not understanding what the project purpose is but I looked through the code and I find it hard to read/understand.

Consider for example:

const passwordValidation = (password) => {
  if (password.trim().length < 7 || password.trim().length === 0) {
    return false;
  } else {
    return true;

Do you see the issue?
The conditional check for a length of 0 will never be hit since you are already checking if length is less than 7 (0 is less than 7)

I like that you are trying to use TypeScript but you have strict mode off which loses a lot of benefits. I advise you to use strict TypeScript as it will help you learn it. Yes it is harder to get the project going but it will force you to learn TypeScript.

Hey Daniel,

Once again thank you for the feedback. I will take in account your comments.

All the best to you too!



Hi Jordan,

Thank you. I just check boot in chrome and in safari and in different view ports and the hamburger appear in booth light and dark mode.

In which phone browser are you seen it? which could be the reason?



Hi Jimbalin,

The application is a framework for brain storm ideas. What will make it more understandable in you opinion?

Thank you for reviewing the code. It is true that the code base is not the cleanest. I focused too much in make it work (hopefully you will no find many bugs). When i find some time i will make it more readable.

Yes the logic of this function is awful, may be i did it late night or just copy the snippet of the validation of the email without checking the logic.

This project the first time i implement TypeScript and you will find that i use TypeScrip a lot, but is true that in some parts not. In my experience this was a very friendly way to star with TypeScript. This days i am going deeper in to TS so i think the next challenge i will definitely go for strict mode.

All the best.

I think updating your readme to have some information and examples of how the app can be used will be useful.

Overall, I am seeing that you are demonstrating key skills:

  • Next.js
  • PostgreSQL and ORM
  • Authentication
  • TypeScript
  • Taking feedback well
  • Creativity (Creating something yourself)

You are ahead of a lot of others by showing these skills.

Good job.

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