Please give me feedback for my portfolio!

After 3 month of study, I finally received all the certifications!

I have created my portfolio and would like to have some feedback. My goal is now get a developer job. Some of the projects I put on, I might need to work on it again, but it would be great if anyone could give me a feedback.

Here is my portfolio link on Codepen:

Thank you!

Happy coding :slight_smile:


Very nice. Congratulations for achieving all the certificates, and even more for your portfolio. I really like it, simple but engaging, just enough animation to get the visitor not to fall asleep but not overwhelming to the point it gets out of scope.


Thank you very much for your feedback @MatteoCarotta!

Wow i’ts really great!
You did a great job presenting your work and the layout was user friendly and personable.
Nice detail with the shift of background color when scrolling page.

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This looks great. Something to definitely aspire to make in regards to feel, style, and look :slight_smile:

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Exquisite work!!! Really loved the look of your portfolio.

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@LotusLine @guardians_folly @S_basir
Thank you so much for your support! It was really hard studying by myself but your feedback helps give me confidence :smile:

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I want to be like u.ur awsome at just at projects of web desing i hope so i will also acheive certificates like u.ur my inspiration now in coding.loved to see ur portfolio

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Your portfolio is awesome!

I, intuitively, tried to click the “Let’s work together” -just curiosity-. Maybe some employers will make this too, you can use that sentence as a call to action!

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Wow simply amazed what a great portfolio!

You just need to update your certification completion status, great work!

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Hi Eriko,

I think your portfolio site looks great! Good luck on your job search on full stack dev. I think stack overflow has plenty of job opening. How’s job search for you?

By this time, I think you can:

  1. go full force on job search as full stack developer
  2. see if you can find some freelance gig online or in your local community
  3. if you want to continue to build on your portfolio, you can build a full stack app, both frontend and backend, and deploy it out in a cloud server (or serverless service). Can check online about building a hackernews full stack app for practice.

p.s) On #3, I did it myself at here. The backend is put in a heroku free dyno. So the 1st time you visit it, expect 5-10 sec for the backend to be awake.

All the best to your future.

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Thank you for your kind support!

Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t think about that and I will consider about it :slight_smile:

Thank you for catching it! I completely forgot to do that!

Thanks for the great advice! I just started job hunting so I will see how it goes. I am planning to put this on server and yes, I will make apps while applying for new jobs :smile: thank you!

wow i really love your portfolio , I’m amazed by your achievements in such a short period of time.

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Very nice work, Eriko! Love the color transitions. I also wanted to click the “Let’s work together” at the bottom :slight_smile:

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I love your portfolio b/c it looks professional but I have a question: is it okay not to pass all the tests to get a certificate? I just ran the javascript test on your portfolio and it passed 4 out of 12 or something.

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Really amazing portfolio. Background color change while scrolling is very effective and I really like the layout of your portfolio. Since I am still learning web development, your work inspired me lot.


I loved your work.Congratulations!!
How much time did it take for you to complete the course?

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