Please give me feedback : Portfolio Page

Hi there,
I finished the fifth project today and would be happy if someone gave me feedback about my site.

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Looks good but still need a lot of improvement.

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layout is okay, but blow up the projects preview some more so you can actually see it before you click on it. also highly recommend smooth scrolling via CSS declaration.
documentation page title has a K in it…

@docetta, nice job on this project although there are a lot of things that need improvement.

First of all, the nav-bar on the top is jutting out of sight and is not completely visible.

Take a look at the top-right corner of the page.

The page isn’t very responsive either. When I minimize the browser width, the navbar isn’t visible at all.

Instead of positioning the nav-links by pixels, try to float them to the left or position them by using percentages. %

The blur effect in the welcome section is really creative but makes the page glitch to death. I wouldn’t suggest using that.

Try styling your project tiles / cards a little bit better and making them adapt to small browser sizes.

Your portfolio is missing a contact section.

Overall, great job. Keep up the great work.

  • line 59 - watch out for typos
  • if referring to a particular tag, then use id
  • if referring to a group of similar tags, then use class
  • main logo blurs when focused and unblurs when not focused. switching that around might look better
  • good job remembering to make your page responsive but div and img sizing need work
  • its good practice to make sure that id and class names describe exactly what they do
  • not a fan of the button colors but buttons look good
  • good images are not substitutes for good design

check this out - bootswatch
they have little snippets that you can add to your code to help you with styling for your next project

It looks beautiful. Go ahead.