Please Review First Portfolio Project - Online Store

Well after about 2-3 months I think I’ve finally completed my first portfolio project!

Here is the link:

Online Store

The purpose of this project is to help me eventually get a job (obviously).

Let me know what you think!



First of all, your webpage is gorgeous. I see that you attributed the design to Shaun Gardner, but I’m not sure exactly what that implies. Was this page implemented from a complete mockup that he made? Did you take the basic layout of a page he designed and apply your own product (shoes)? Either way, it shows a decent level of understanding of HTML and CSS. I like the level of responsiveness it has, including its mobile design. It doesn’t show any proficiency in JavaScript or back-end stuff, but it is a good project to show that you know HTML/CSS.

Thanks for the feedback!

The design by Shaun Gardner was posted on a web design site and it was done in one of those web design programs (not html/css). It was also just the large screen version, I came up with the responsive layouts. Basically I implemented his basic design in html/css/js. The js part being the responsive nav bar and initial hero image changer. You are right there isn’t much js demonstrated here and I will try to pick a project that involves more js for the next one. Hard part is always picking a project :confused:

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hi @sbfergus
the design of the page is amazing, I liked the product card layout , but some features of the site are not working like the shopping cart, I suggest you to try implementing them to add some interactivity to the page.
overall, great work

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This is awesome, but that sharp green is a little too sharp and doesn’t match up with the style of your page. Maybe darkening the green or making is a little bit more transparent would be nice.

At everything else, great job. Keep up the great work.