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I hope everyone is doing well. Lately I’ve been working on this project that I call RandomRecipes.

I used AJAX (for the first time) and this API to get a random recipe each time a button is clicked. I’m kind of proud of the final product (if I can say that?). The truth is, I’ve never worked on a somewhat complex project like this before. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience. I did all the programming and styling myself. Also, it’s responsive (tip: try resizing your browser window to see the effect :wink: ). Take a look at the code on GitHub right here.

So, I’m asking for feedback. Do you like it? How can I improve? Any advice or suggestions?

Thanks for your time!


Hi @asemarian, it looks good. A couple of suggestions for version 1.1;

  • it wasn’t clear to me that the little icon on the lower left would get me a new recipe. I back-buttoned and hunted around a bit before I finally noticed it.
  • it would be nice if you provided a choice of categories for the user (your header says “Get something new for dinner” and my first recipe was a dessert). Say get a random appetizer recipe, or an entree recipe or a dessert recipe.

Overall, nice job.

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Good job, I really liked your choice of color and styling. The place of text, pictures, and everything makes sense and makes me hungry as the user. The page is not too crowded and yet not empty.
The website itself has good performance and loading time.

Like @Roma mentioned I was spending some time before realizing the button on bottom right gives me the new recipe.

But overall I could feel I’m interacting with a professional website with sophisticated design from the very first second.

Good job!

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