Portfolio feed back please

Hello Campers,

I have finally come up with my portfolio design(s).

Beginning of this year, I wasn’t confident building my own website even though working in IT mostly building windows software had some experience in past but not much so that I bought theme and change content and make it live here is design: http://www.monikapatel.info/old-website/

After starting FFC in May, I was little more confident and started designed website using CSS grid with complicated animation. I and pretty happy with menu animation but looks more dramatic to my couple of friends and recruiters. here is link : http://www.monikapatel.info/

So finally, Come up with this www.monikapatel.info very simple and sober design and pretty happy with this too.

Its very strange. I was happy then and now with my work its part of self motivation :blush:

Anyways, All you smart people can you please help me with your feedback and also proof reading please.

I am still working on content and logo will keep you posted till then Happy coding. :keyboard:



Wonderful portfolio @MonikaPatelIT. It feels fresh, clean and consistent. Need some work on the grammar though. The About me page have some omitted spaces and some mispells as well as your resume page, other than that is a well done site. I’m just an amateur giving you a humble feedback.


Hey @dionnysierra Thank you for your time and feedback but I’m little confused with my variety of website designs. But which one you talking about ? I am more concern about last one. I’ll edit and remove unwanted one.


Thank you for your appreciation really appreciate. Could you please help me with proof reading as English is not my native language. Here is link : https://codepen.io/IamMonikaPatel/full/JBevaO

Hi there. I visited the first one then saw your reply and visited the last one. The last one just need a little adjusment at the second paragraph on the footer on the code line 150. Instead of “I like to metting new people” It could say “I like to meet new people.” or “I like meeting new people”. I forked the pen but I’m not sure how I’m suposed to send a “pull” request (I think) to you. If you can instruct me about that I will send the changes. I’m an amateur on Pen Code, this is the embeded link to my “portfolio” on Code pen, there is the fork with the adjusments.

See the Pen FCC - Portfolio by Dionny Sierra (@dionnysierra) on CodePen.

Yea. I think that’s the only way to share codepen. I really appreciate your reply.

Don’t you worry you start making something and share with us people here very helpful.

Ping me if you need any programming help. Always be there till then happy coding.



Congratulations, you did a great job.
And I think this is just the beginning and you’ll be doing better.

In this page, there’s a minor problem you probably didn’t notice which will be easily fixed with media query:

When the screen size is under 768px and more than 575px, the second section of “Here what I have done” becomes a little bit disorganized. it’s not a big deal, but I think you’d better fix it to make your portfolio perfect for all screen sizes.

Good luck.

Hi @dionnysierra, I add content in ‘Here what I have done’ part. Can you please help me with proof reading.


Ohh yea. I haven’t noticed that. I’ll fix them soon and keep you posted.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sure @MonikaPatelIT!

Don’t mess with scrolling behavior of browsers. HackerNews people hate this.

Is it ? I didn’t like to much. removed now.


i like the portfolio design. clean and easy to get a grasp of each section being presented. good job!

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Looks super cool. One small question, is it developed using CSS and HTML alone ?

Thank you :slight_smile: Happy coding.

Yes. I have designed only using pure HTML and CSS. For CSS I have used bootstrap 4 framwork.

Happy coding.


Pretty good. Personal opinion: icons at the bottom are too big.

The page itself looks great and loads well. As for proofreading the first paragraph maybe instead of:
We work on building amazing user experiences software for data digitalizing. I helped carry out the top-to-bottom redesign and implementation of existing UI, and currently upgrading software written in 1985 and making them more powerful. With that changes increase speed of ~40% and new stylish and user friendly design increased selling growth ~58% in March 2018
We work on building amazing user experiences and software for data digitalizing. I helped carry out the top-to-bottom redesign, implementation of existing UI, and currently upgrading software written in 1985 making it more powerful. With those changes bring an increase of speed of ~40% and new stylish and user friendly design increased selling growth ~58% in March 2018.
Just little changes but it flows better.
The only other thing I saw was:
ACE Cars Renatl the logo has it: ACE Cars Rental.

Monika, I think the webpage is great. As far as English goes ProWriting Aid (https://prowritingaid.com/en/Analysis/WebEditor/Go?redirectToDocs=true) site is useful. I use the free version and will update to the paid if I start writing more.

wow congrats it is really good. I am starting with mine. Yours it is really impresive.