Portfolio feedback welcome! ~ first post

Hey Free Code Camp community!

I think I sort of finished my portfolio, I still need to make it fully responsive for mobile though, I will work on it tomorrow.

I started learning to code in November without any previous knowledge.
I still don’t have many quality projects on the portfolio, as most of the ones I have are most from the Google Challenge Scholership I was on for 3 months, with Udacity. I unfortunately wasn’t awarded the nanodegree so I’m now studying on my own, mainly aiming to learn more by doing. I started the freecodecamp program because of the projects and also because this comminity seems to be pretty active, which is one of the things I miss the most from the Udacity challenge.

Anyway I’m glad to be here :slight_smile: here’s my portfolio project, any feedback is welcome.

Nice portfolio, great design, i loved the hover of the social network buttons and the typography is amazing.
Keep up the good work!:+1:

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Looks good, the ‘skewed background’ is a nice touch. The only thing that I would consider adjusting is the contrast with the text and background on the about section… the text gets a little lost with the geometric background. Good job!

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It looks responsive to me. Are there any specific areas that you would like feedback on?

I like how you used angled edges, similar to the background pattern, for the header and footer sections. If you decide to work through freecodecamp curriculum, there could be some good opportunities to build on some of the projects already in your portfolio. For example, there is a Show the Local Weather project in the Intermediate Front End section that you could drop into your Brighton Times project.

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Thanks! I did think about that, will try to see if a font that’s a bit thicker looks better. I have also put a blured white shadow on the text so the letters pop out more but that didn’t work very well.

Thank you!
I’m thinking of adding a hamburger icon for smaller screens because it seems like the nav bar doesn’t show correctly on some phones.

Well, readability is actually one of the things I was hoping to get feedback on, the font-sizes, colors and design.

Yes! I can’t wait for those projects :smiley:

I had a similar issue too; having to deal with text on top of a visually busy background for my portfolio project. I didn’t want to change my font, so I went with a Photoshop solution and added a semi-transparent color gradient to the image to help with the contrast. I could have done something similar with css… Just another option to think about :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi sofiabsilva,
I like your website design. However, I don’t like the background image to be honest.
One tip. You should always start the mobile version first. It could be better for you.
:slight_smile: Good day

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Awesome! Your portfolio looks really beautiful! Thanks for the tip. Right now I don’t have photoshop installed which I’ve been finding a bit limiting while creating designs. I need to get it again asap.

Today I’ve been trying to improve it a bit, I changed the font and the color of the shadow. I think it’s more readable right now but not ideal, I guess. I also put the menu/hamburger icon for the mobile design.

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For readability, I agree with @bkglass that one option would be to increase the contrast for your personal description. Experimenting with Blend Modes could be a fun way to darken that pattern. Here are a couple articles that might give you some ideas.

You could also try moving the description text below the pattern header.

Another readability consideration is the use of text-align: justify. It isn’t as common on the web as it is in print so some users may have a harder time reading when there are large gaps between words.

For design, I would probably add a little more margin-bottom to each portfolio item so that there isn’t such a big difference between the vertical spacing and the horizontal spacing. Using justify-content:center; and adding margin to all sides of the portfolio items would have a similar effect.

I like the handwritten fonts. If that is symbolic of other artistic abilities like illustration or lettering, I would definitely mention that or show that as well.

*Also I think animal trading cards would be a fun project to build on!

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Thanks for the honest feedback! Oh definitely, I knew I should have done it first, it was a pain to do it now but I wasn’t sure of what to do for the design so I just went with the flow. All I knew was that I wanted to try this skewed background thing that I had seen on other websites and found super cool hahah so I sort of followed this tutorial and went from there. Before I knew it I had the general layout done in a non-responsive way. Oh well! Won’t do it again next time, hopefully.

I just saw that now the requirements for the personal portfolio project have completely changed, but I had already submited it. Is it ok to let it stay as it was or should we change it to complete the responsive web design certification? Are the projects actually reviewed?