Portfolio i need help

i have currently got a portfolio page that looks disgraceful, but i cant get the nav bar to work, i really need help for this, i can’t find it any where online. with my social media buttons also, that was the only way i found to work, trust me i tried, it has been a good 2 days of after school till like 11 on this.


We can’t help you if we don’t have the link or the code :slight_smile:

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https://codepen.io/goldy759/pen/zjdpyX i even copied it to. im an idiot, sorry bout that

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About social media things, some nice looking icons could be found here:



thank you molen, i shall read that.

Hey, don’t be sorry, we are learning here :wink:

About your portfolio, the nav bar buttons link to #about, #Fortfolioand #contact part, which is great (note the Portfolio typo)
But, there is part in your code which id is ‘about’, ‘portfolio’ or ‘contact’.

Now, the solution for the about part is to add id="about" to the title so you have :

<h1  id="about" class="orange">ABOUT</h1>

The same with the two others ids.

Note as well that if the page is not long enough, it won’t ‘auto-scroll’ since there is the end of the page. This is not a problem as long as the links work well

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haha yea it isn’t really that long, what a boring life. also ill fix that typo thank you.

i just checked your portfolio, I am now very sad :sob:. it looks so good. HOWWWWW!

Thanks :slight_smile:
Work, work and work again :wink:

I’ve started programming 7 years ago, so some stuff are easier now
Just keep programming, it will take some time, but I promise you will be rewarded !

Also, you can use the bootstrap library, it helps a lot to have a nice looking website

I’ll try to use it more