Portfolio Page Progress

See the Pen Portfolio Page by Kathryn (@shades1979) on CodePen.

Having issues with CodePen in several areas that I think might be related.

  1. Can’t click into form fields or submit button.
  2. Anchors don’t work to jump down the page.
  3. External links to other pages aren’t working, even with the target="_blank" attribute.

It seems like there’s a feature I didn’t turn on somewhere that allows the page to link and interact with other sites.

Anyway, I’d appreciate feedback on the design and the code. I’m trying to stay one step ahead of my students.

I would advise to use a different font

As for your form, I think the problem may be your div class and your form action:

<div class="info" id="contact">
<h3>Want to join? </h3>
 <form action="http://formspree.io/kathryn.bradley@bcsemail.org" method="post" enctype="text/plain">

I think you need to change your form div class & your form action to:

<div class="form-group"  id="contact">
<h3>Want to join? </h3>
 <form action="mailto:kathryn.bradley@bcsemail.org" method="post" enctype="text/plain">

The links and form inputs are not working because the z-index: -1 css from the .info class is making them un-clickable.

I’m not sure about the navbar, but I got the nav jumps working by removing the position: fixed from the .bar class, so that might be a clue.