Portfolio Page with some Frontend Libraries Projects

Hello everybody,
here I’ve collected my projects till now on my own homepage. ahaf-dev.com The next one I will try to solve is the pomodoro clock to complete the Front End Libraries Certification.

I would be happy about some feedback. Thx in advance!

Hi Armin,

just a few things I noticed:

  • your picture looks a bit blurry , you should consider using a higher resolution, if you want to scale it with viewport size
  • the design look for me is too grayish
  • the navbar font reminds me of “Comic Sans”, which is a no go imho
  • in your quote machine project you are using React and jQuery: either go the react way OR use jQuery, mixing both is not a really good idea, especially if you are manipulating the DOM with jQuery.
  • your portfolio is responive but the email and input fields are not the same size as the message and submit button below 800px

Greetings from Bavaria and please pardon my criticism :wink:


Hi Daniel,

thank you for paying attention to my website and your honest feedback!
Your criticism helps me getting better, so thank you again! :wink: :grinning:

Greetings back from North Rhine-Westphalia