Portfolio Project Feedback much needed


So, I’ve finished it. It took long two months of constant remodelling, and now I sweetly call it my not-so-beautiful chimera. And well, as you might guess, I’m so tired to be the only one who sees it, that I seek your feedback :DD

Some obvious problems:

  • design (I’m not a designer, sorry, guys :((( )
  • text size (at first I thought I understand rem’s…I was mistaken)
  • it doesn’t have any js (someday I will do it, not today)
  • message form is not working (any ideas / good articles here? I suppose it has smth to do with back-end, but whenever I look for it on Google, it gives me articles how to “make” the html and css part, not how to send messages with it. At the same time, I’m not native English speaker, so maybe I just ask wrong questions?)
  • the carousel is kinda broken on small screens. And the whole portfolio block needs help with positioning (but at least I know how to fix this, ho-ho)

So…in case you forgot what we’re speaking about here:

Thank you for any feedback!! If you have any questions, I will gladly answer you :slight_smile:


Don’t be to critical of yourself, it looks great! I like the flow of the website. As for the message form, that does require server-side scripting - there are many tutorials that Google has, just choose one that you can learn from the most.

thank you for your feedback : )

Really awesome design. I like it!

Hello again!

Damn! For ‘not a designer’ you sure design well. It’s excellent design!

I second JLndr, do not be so critical of yourself, it’s a really great porftolio. Very light and intuitive with good flow.

To receive emails submitted through your html form (without server side scripting and storage): In the HTML page in your form tag, add the following to action="" , and substitute with your email address: <form method=“post” action="mailto:youremail@youremail.com" >

If this is not what you were really asking for, disregard.

Again, great portfolio site!

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Thank you, it’s kinda what I what - yes, but kinda not : D when I add such action, it (does what it’s supposed to do) opens a window with proposal to open the sender’s mail client, but I kinda want this thing to be easier, to send a message like a chat message, idk. Like “Hey! This guy (name) with his (mail) sends you this message: (message here)” without direct mail-to-mail thing @_@
I’ve read a bit about server-side, and there are articles like “make message form with php” but I’m not sure that’s what I need, because I plan studying ruby and RoR, not php.

Hello. I wouldn’t worry too much - the website looks good to me and the design very elegant. I don’t know what you’re aims are server-side, but the following weblink tutorials may be of some use:#





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thank you very much, this is probably it. Regarding the amount of unfamiliar words, I guess I’ll stick to learning basics of JS and only after it switch to back-end and other cool stuff :grin: