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Hello everyone. I’ve just “finished” my portfolio and would like to have some feedback. I know there are some bugs that I have to fixed and more to be added. But I would like some other people’s opinion, I’m going to use this for my job hunting.

I’ve used react for this project, and for style mostly just scss and a bit of material-ui(i’m trying to teach myself how to use this ui framework, I just discovered that “create a theme” and would certainly help me with color scheming). For the “serverless” contact form, I’ve used 99inbound just to receive messages.

And that’s it, the most time consuming part of doing this project is the styling and coming up with the idea of how I like it to look. I kinda like it now but I know very well it can be better.

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Let’s see…

  1. The “click to continue” animation can be improved, add more frames, make it more fluid;

  2. The animation for switching between Main, Projects and Contacts is a bit bugged because if I am on Home and I press Home I can see the contacts flying to the screen. This happens every first time I switch, if it’s not the Contacts is the Projects and so on. I guess you preload every animation at once, but unfortunately this can happen.

  3. Check out the title name and the favicon you have. Most of the time, it’s something React-related. Create a personal favicon and title for every page and project;

  4. The multiplayer game doesn’t work, it seems. I can’t try it because Repl shows errors;

  5. You should create a custom Readme for every projects, I see the React ones there. Talk a bit of your projects, even just a brief explaination.

  6. I tried to click to the buttons on bottom-right, but they doesn’t work even if I see the animation for hovering;

  7. I tried to create a custom message on contacts, but I doesn’t have the “submit feedback”, so I don’t know if I sent you the messages or not.

  8. I don’t know why you put the “website” voice into the Contacts, I put mine on there anyway.

For the rest, the portfolio is good and I like you wanted to use React and adding custom animations, but you can fix some error here and there for improving that even more. The Wikipedia Viewer and Tic-Tac-Toe projects are good, nothing much to say, I liked them.

Have a good day!

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Thank you very much for this very detailed feedback. It tells me a lot about where I can improve my work. I’ll try my best to fixed all those bugs you’ve mentioned.

For those bottom-right icons, I actually forgot to put the links :sweat_smile:
I received the “submit feedback” but, yeah I actually haven’t put a response to let the user know if he actually sent the message. And for the “website” field, I’m not actually sure of what people put it there contact form, so I just copied others.

Thanks for pointing all those bugs for me! I’ll go and post again when I fixed it.

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Hey @rasulrichy!

I am also working on my portfolio and have learned a few things recently that might also help you!

First, I want to say, that the artistic ideas and styling on your profile are AWESOME. Your portfolio site is way better than mine in that regard and you have inspired me.

That said, I think the biggest things that would help you would be to:

  1. Tell a story about yourself. By that, I mean add a page that explains more about you, maybe with a nice photo that talks a bit about yourself. I know this can be hard, but if you are looking for a job, they want to know what you are interested in and what motivates you so they will know if they might like you.

  2. Tell a story about your projects. By that, I mean people usually don’t want to actually click on your project or your code and explore for themselves. It might be helpful to include a page for each of your projects where you can show screenshots of the coolest parts and tell a little bit about why you chose that project, what was difficult, what you learned, etc.

Other than that, (and what @michaelprimo already said), the only other thing I can think would be a small grammar mistake where you wrote “I love writing codes.” (It should be I love writing code.)

Also, you might want to check out this resource that I used: How to Build an Effective Dev Portfolio

Great job and keep up the good work! Again, your portfolio is awesome. Good luck!


Thank you for the feedback! I knew I would be needing a page that would serve as a little introduction about myself, but I get anxious about adding it. And also the story for each projects. This really is my weakness, I cannot expand more of what I want to say about something. I tend to always “get to the point” when explaining something which leads to a short, and probably a boring content. But now I that it would help for the job hunt, I’m going to start adding it.

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I hear you! That has been one of the most challenging parts for me as well.

The most helpful thing advice I’ve heard has been to answer a few specific prompts. When talking about yourself, think about answering some questions like 1) what you were doing before, 2) how you got into coding, 3) what you like most about it, 4) what you are working on now, etc.

When talking about your projects you can talk about things like 1) what your goal/motivation was for the project, 2) what were the coolest/most interesting/trickiest parts, 3) what you learned, 4) what you are the most proud of, etc.

Here’s a good example recommended in the free book from that website I sent you before: Frontend Developer Portfolio. Check out the project pages and how she describes what she did.

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Wow, you put a lot of work into this and it looks really nice! But I do have one major concern that I want to bring to your attention. Imagine you give a potential employer a link to this portfolio and the person in charge of reviewing it can’t use a mouse. They won’t even be able to get past your splash page because the “Click to continue” link isn’t really a link (i.e. <a>) and thus it is not keyboard accessible. Same goes for your nav menu links. I would suggest that you always test anything you create to make sure it is completely keyboard-only accessible. If not then you are automatically blocking a lot of people from using your product.

There are other accessibility issues as well but this one is a big one and should be fixed.

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Woah, I never really thought of that. Thank you very much! I’ll go ahead and migrate those clickables into an <a>. I’m currently refining the portfolio and any issues pointed out is a very big help!

Note taken. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully I get to finish my portfolio with a very good quality with all the feedback!!

Absolutely. You’re already in a very good place so you should be proud. Let me know if you’d like me to look it over again or anything after you’ve made updates :+1:

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