Portfolio review / Noob front-end developer

Hi everyone, please give me some feedback on my portfolio. I started to apply for jobs recently but so far got no response .

It would be awesome if you guys could let me know what I can improve and also what type of projects I can include to get more interviews. Thank you very much for your time.

Here is my portfolio - owenthompson.vercel.app

It’s a good portfolio you have. Hope you get a job, try approaching the owner of the agency or human resources

Thanks for the feedback. What would be the best way to approach these people? Is sending cold messages on Linkedin ok?

Did you ideate and create these projects yourself?

If so, it’s an extremely strong portfolio and I don’t see any need for changes and you’re job ready, just keep applying…

If they’re tutorial follow-alongs (I only question this because they look very professional) then it’s impossible to know what your actual skill level is…

Thanks for the feedback Mike, I really appreciate it.

I did come up with ideas of what I wanted to build. Some of the features of my projects are learned through tutorials. However, I have added my own twist to it. For me there is no point in just doing follow-alongs, I actually want to learn how to do it and apply it.

Before I learned to code, I designed and built websites using WordPress as a freelancer. So I have a basic understanding of web design.

fantastic, the portfolio looks great and I can’t imagine you’re being rejected due to the quality of it,

how many jobs have you applied for?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I applied maybe 40~60 so far. I live in the UK so the job market might be different compared with North America or other parts of Europe.

I’m in the UK too, I can’t imagine your portfolio is a problem,

Neither the number of applications,

Can you share your cv?


I just wanted to inform you that I get redirected to the Fiverr front page when I click on your Fiverr profile link.

If you have clients on there, that’s the one major edge you have over other applicants: real-life experience, real costumers. Maybe get in touch with Fiverr support to ask about the redirect. Or make some Fiverr projects portfolio pieces when they are non-nda!

Best of luck.

Looked into your website and it looks great, but checked Commits · owenzzhang/rest-in-protein · GitHub and didn’t find regular code related commits, can you explain ?

For job search dedicate some hours each day, refer to linkedin jobs, stackoverflow jobs and my favourite Y Combinator jobs as well.

All the very best with your job search.

Thank you for the feedback.

The reason for that is that my images wouldn’t appear on the website after I deployed it on Vercel. I was making changes to the image path :sweat_smile:

Hi Daniel

Thank you for the feedback. I think Fiverr might have hidden my profile for not taking on projects for so long, will definitely look into this.

sure, my cv is here https://jade-cathrin-97.tiiny.site/

You need to put more emphasis on your web development experience.

You don’t need to go into this level of detail for jobs that aren’t related to web development, and you need much more detail about your web dev projects, experience and motivation…

Try and keep the cv to one page

I see, that makes sense because I didn’t talk about web development except in the summary. Definitely need to change my CV then. Thanks again Mike.

Yes, LinkedIn is perfect.

Hi Mike, I made some adjustments to my CV. Would it be possible for you to take a look, please?