Please, Review my portfolio

Hi everyone, I want to be a freelance web developer.
Please review my Portfolio and let me know what do you think about them, Will they be effective?
Please give your valuable advice and suggestions. Thanks in advance :sparkling_heart:.


Hi, my name is Abdush-Shakur! I am a beginner front end developer. And i wish to befriend you Asif. Can you drop your WhatsApp number ?

Hi, I am an aspiring Front End and the only thing I have to say is that maybe in your projects you shouldn’t put your portfolio, however you can explain what tech you use somewhere else. It’s great by the way.


Hi @adebolaakande1, I am glad to hear that you want to befriend with me, you can contact me by facebook.

Thanks @caf, You are right, Maybe I shouldn’t put portfolio on projects section.


Just wanted to let you know that I can’t access your projects. I get phishing alerts and the websites get blocked in Europe/ Germany, using Chrome. You should look into that when you want to work with clients abroad.

Thanks, @DanielHuebschmann to notify that. Can you please tell if all three projects have this problem or only specific ones?

It’s the first one, probably the host that triggers the warning. Vercel and Codepen no problems of course.

You are offering some solid e-commerce solutions. I can tell you from experience that those are the most in demand. If you know Wordpress/ Squarespace you can make a decent dollar.

And if you know how to fix them, many WP “developers” from your region don’t know what they are doing and are just cheap. Fixing their work could make you many more bucks, best of luck!

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Thanks a lot @DanielHuebschmann, Your advice will help a lot in the long run. I wish that you also get that type of help somewhere.

Aside from work hunting I will work on that MERN e-commerce project and also learn & build a project on WordPress. Thanks again.

You are welcome! If you have a site running let us know. People from Europe and North America can test them if we get alerts or blocks.

You can make a decent living as a developer in e-commerce, but you’ll need a good reputation from the start with clean links.

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Hi Asif. Excellent design, but I would recommend changing the following elements:

.app__navbar { backdrop-filter: none; background: RGB(237, 242, 248); z-index: 99; }

This way, text can be displayed better on dark backgrounds and the description below your photo does not overlap with the element <nav>.

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Hi @DanielHuebschmann, can you help me with a thing? I am having a hard time in finding a free PHP laravel with MySQL deploy site, also If I can’t find a free domain site, freenorm registration is off.
If you know any free domain or PHP laravel with MySQL hosting site then please help me.

hi @RobinLB99, Thanks for your attention, you are right, nav-text on dark footer section is less visible, but I want Glassy Navbar effect, I slightly change nav text color to match both light and dark screen, but it’s not perfect, can you have any suggestion without affecting navbar transparency and blur?

I can’t help you with that. Best open an new topic in general.

@asif531791. In that case I recommend you use the following:

ul.app__navbar-links {
     text-shadow: 5px 5px 10px black;

This will cause the text to be shadowed and will stand out against light backgrounds.

Additionally, I recommend that you change the SVGs in the <a> elements of the <nav> and replace them with an Awesome font. For example:

Place this in the <head> of the HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha384-50oBUHEmvpQ+1lW4y57PTFmhCaXp0ML5d60M1M7uH2 +nqUivzIebhndOJK28anvf" crossorigin="anonymous">

And replace the svg with:

<i class="fas fa-home"></i>HOME
<i class="fas fa-concierge-bell"></i>SERVICE
<i class="fas fa-suitcase"></i>WORK
<i class="fas fa-lightbulb"></i>SKILLS
<i class="fas fa-id-card"></i>CONTACT

In this way, the icons produced by the elements will be shadowed by the text-shadow property.

Although my most important recommendation is not to prioritize a beautiful effect over accessibility.

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@asif531791 One more thing. Avoid putting sensitive information in the portfolio, such as phone number and address. The email, you can put a link with:

<a href="" target="_blank">
  <i class="fas fa-envelope"></i>Email

This way someone or some bot will not grab that information directly and send you span

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