Portfolio Review - Requesting Feedback

Hi All,

I’ve been working on my front end web dev portfolio. I’m still learning but I would like to start getting feedback/constructive criticism on my work so far. If you have a moment, please check out my portfolio and projects and let me know if you think I am ready to apply for junior front-end web dev jobs. I’m open to any tips/tricks, feedback, or advice anyone has to offer. Thank you!

Portfolio site: https://www.toye.digital/

A few suggestions for your portfolio page:

  • You don’t want to embed <a> inside of a <button>, it’s either one or the other. Since those are links to other pages you should lose the <button> and just use <a>.
  • You need to have an h1 heading at the top of your page. Personally, under the h2 Projects heading, I would make each of your app titles an h3. I also think you need an h2 heading for the icons above your projects.
  • At the bottom, all of your inputs need to have IDs that match the ‘for’ attribute in their corresponding label.
  • The alt text on your project images should not be “…” (the screen reader literally says “dot dot dot”). I would argue that the alt text can be empty here since these images are purely decorative. In fact, I would just hide them from screen readers using the aria-hidden attribute.
  • As I manually increase the text size the content in the black box at the top starts to fall off the right side of the box. The links at the top start to fall off the right side of the page and a horizontal scroll bar appears. The “Project” and “Github” buttons have their content cut-off. Basically, you need to update your CSS so that it handles increases in text size just as well as it handles changes in view port width. One of the best ways to do this is to use em values for your break points instead of px.

Thanks for taking the time to review and provide feedback! I will make those updates. Much appreciated!

It looks really nice, change the favicon and the title tag though.

If I had a criticism it would be that it’s quite obviously Bootstrap.

It’s a presentable portfolio though and you should definitely apply for jobs if you feel confident in your skills…

the junior job market is quite bad at the moment fyi

Thanks for the taking the time to review! I appreciate your comments. I went ahead and updated the favicon and title tag. Thanks, again!

Hello, friend!

You got some great advice earlier.

I really dig your header and your logo name looks solid.

The hero section is amazing as well, you’re inviting the visitor to look further. However, in the mobile version, it only shows your name and no indication that you’re a developer. Some devs simply type essential information upfront without cool animations and images.

They usually have good projects or/and reputation.

On that note, I’d argue your portfolio isn’t quite job-ready. You might get lucky, but solely based on your projects, it’s unlikely someone will show genuine interest hiring (IMHO).

First, your top application isn’t functioning, unless I missed the point.
I believe small Weather Apps should be kept as placeholders only, until we actually create something more practical.
If you want we can talk more in depth on that, I’d be happy to share my thoughts.

Lastly, design wise. And I’m a not good at design and I’m a bit colorblind but I can try and you’ll check if it resonates.
Your buttons, and footer are blueish colors.
Your header is white bg, black and red (last name). Have you tried using more of that red color? Like an inverse button, with white background and red border and text color.

Hope it helps!