Portfolio Website (feedback)

pls i need your review on my portfolio website, and i am finding it hard to pass a test…
Any solutions

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Add height: 100vh; to the #welcome-section selector.

#welcome-section {
    background-color: white;
    height: 100vh;
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You have the functionality done, but the design is a bit messy. You images do not work for me. What is the point of the circle? Also maybe add some white space between the text at the borders of each section in order to signify they are actually a part of a different section.

Looking at your code 1. all the head tag info goes in the html settings menu, not in the editor. 2. You do not need a tag as everything in the html editor is put inside the body tag of the page automatically.

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Check it out ive done some corrections

It is definitely better but your images still do not work for me. Also I’ve noticed that your nav bar links do not always jump to the right place on the page as they do not take into account the size of said nav bar.

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ill update the website as i learn further, i built it with only css and html only for now, no other frameworks or library, but as time goes on ill improve it

Everything I mentioned can be done with just HTML and CSS.

ow sorry about that

check it out
Pls can you specify what i should correct in the image?

i really appreciate the feedback…:grin:

Regarding the header pic-

I tried to access the image directly using the url in your code. Got a 404 page.

I then tried to access your github directly.
You do have a github but it says that you do not have any public repositories.

My suspicion is that your portfolio repo is set to private- that’s causing the pic to be ‘hidden’ as it were as no one can see your repository.

Yes I set it to private, the repo consists of all the photos I used in the project…
I thought there was no need for setting to public cause it wouldn’t be useful to people…

I can set it to public if you want?

Moreover I just started using GitHub :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you like the font monospace and apple chancery or cursive. try to use better fonts. If you use a mac, there should be an app built in called ‘Font Book’. If not, try some google fonts. For a portfolio, I’d suggest Optima or Avenir. You don’t need to call the font in every single tag. just put font-family:monospace; inside the body tag and all the text will be styled.

More Hints For Fonts
//use this to style other fonts. delete this comment after as it is not supported in css.
//put this code in your css editor:
.cursiveFont {
font-family: Cursive;
.sansSerifFont {
//css ^
//what you put in you html:
//let's say you want to turn the words to match the fonts:
//at first, all of it will be styled to monospace if you put the font-family command in your body tag.
<h1>Cursive, Sans, Monospace</h1>
//a big difference:
<h1><span class = "cursiveFont">Cursive</span>, <span class = ".sansSerifFont">Sans</span>, Monospace</h1>
//If you don't know what the **span** tag does, it's just a little tag you put around text to change its properties.

One of your images isn’t showing. Please try and fix that.
You should space things out a better. Center your text. Don’t put too many <hr> tags.
The contact section is great. Please try and change those things.