Portfolio website looks great in Chrome, terrible in firefox and IE

So this was my first real attempt at making a portfolio site. I put a lot of hours into it and tried to make it look nice and tight, I’m fully satisfied with it on codepen, and I’m pretty happy with it on chrome, only issue is the link hover animations under my name don’t fully work. but i tested Firefox and IE and those hover animations work perfectly but then when i scroll down everything just breaks down: a whole lot of overlapping and shifting of divs and images/links. I tried a few html checkers and css checkers. I cleaned up everything as best to my limited knowledge. any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT just tried looking at all 3 browsers on my small laptop and they all just look bad, nevermind, my site looks terrible everywhere except on chrome on my desktop where i did all my work on.

update well i just found a quickfix, making my body have a fixed width, i guess this will do for now haha

codepen: http://codepen.io/dankazam/pen/KrmywX
github: https://dkazem91.github.io

The design is good, but the problem with fixed values is that the site is not responsive to window resizing. I would suggest using a CSS framework like Bootstrap.

Here’s some CodePen specific advice: Your HTML section should only be the stuff between your <body> tags. Everything that normally goes in your <head> should be included via the CodePen options