Portfolio with Bootstrap Modals and Scroll Animations

Hi there. I was hoping to get some feedback on a portfolio project I made. I originally made it to sharpen my understanding of Bootstrap, but am now using it as my portfolio. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


hi, Andy) Well thats definitely different from what i usually see here, aboutMe section feels like a part of some book, it may be not the best form for technical portfolio.
everything looks and works fine
love bg image! :slight_smile:

have you ever considered being a writer?

upd. problem with images 1 and 3 , i can see them in chrome though ( full page view ).

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Hmm. What to say. So you want to be an astronaut? I guess that’s the reason for the random link to Nasa?
The style is ok and it is responsive but the image says to me “traveller” rather than “coder”.
It feels like I have to dig around to find out about your coding skills because you just provide links to codepen and github. For a non-technical person, it is not showing off your skills very well.

But this depends on what job you are going for of course.

Note: There is a problem with 2 of the images used.


Thanks for the feedback. I think I may move the aboutMe down to be the bottom button and clean it up quite a bit.

Images 1 & 3 are hosted on imgur which is the only thing I can think of.

Oh and I don’t think writing is for me lol :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the page is pretty random. I will focus it a bit more. Do you think a carousel with a couple of my projects in my portfolio would be a better way to show my work? I agree that just 2 links are somewhat lacking.

As for the job I’m going for, I guess there lies another problem.

I believe the image problem has to do with where they are hosted. The images don’t work for me when I set my vpn to outside the US, so I’m thinking that’s it.

Thanks again!

You could indeed try to set a carousel with your projects or you could also add beneath like a row or some rows with your project title, description and a button with a link to the git hub page for each project. Now you decide what it would fit better for your needs. Give it a try with a carousel and with some rows and see which one looks better. Just my opinion


As @Osiris says, you should “feature” some of your favourite projects. Some that highlight what you have learned.
For image hosting there are several options. See what other services people have used. Flickr is one I use. dropbox is another, although the link is not so obvious from their site. My Simon game uses files hosted on dropbox.

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