Practicing while reading YDKJS

Hello everybody!

I just started P1xt’s Web Development with Computer Science Foundations. I’m going through YDKJS at the moment. I finished reading Up & Going and I’m in the middle of Scope & Closures.
So far so good, in the sense that I can understand what I’m reading, the concepts, etc. The trouble is that the book doesn’t offer any thorough assignment to apply what I’m learning. All I got so far is a little exercice in vol. 1 and a tiny quiz in vol. 2!
I don’t know what’s going to follow, but I had a look at the subsequent volumes and they don’t seem to contain any sort exercises that we are supposed to find in introductory programming books (eg. Automate the Boring Stuff, etc.)
So my question is what do you do while reading YDKJS? Do you wait until finishing the book before starting a project? Or do you practice something on the side? And if yes, what?

Thanks a lot!

Open any Codepen-like tool, and start to recreate what you learn on the YDKJS.


Hmm, good idea ! Thanks !

Thank you for asking this question, because am also going through the same journey.

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Try out the code snippets in and break the code as you like


I love YDKJS, but I experienced this as well. I made a website that is aiming to solve this problem!

And we are accepting pull requests of all shapes and sizes!


Brilliant! Thanks @austintackaberry!

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