Should I be practicing while reading YDKJS? Typing out the random examples feels like it wont teach me anything if i cant use it in a meaningful way. Any tips?

In the first book, there was a “practice” section at the end of one of the chapters, but in the second book, I don’t see any practice sections. Additionally, skimming through the rest of the books I don’t see any more practice sections.

I really want to practice what I read about, but with the random examples the book uses, it makes it hard to practice. Without the examples having some sort of meaning, I feel like typing random and meaningless examples out wont teach me anything if I cant use it in a meaningful way

Should I be practicing while I read through the books, or just read them before moving on with the P1tx guide?

Practice would be a great idea. Even just typing out examples from the book would help. You could also take notes, make flash cards or anything else that may help. Passively reading is no substitute for actually learning, though.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m typing out all the examples. but without some real world use or explanation, I feel like its not teaching me anything. In the first book, after teaching everything, they had you do a practice exercise, which was amazing because it put the concepts it taught into use and made me better understand a few things and how they work. But without practice examples, I feel like im just mindlessly typing it all out without learning anything. I’ll keep at it though.

great idea with making a gibhub full of snippets with descriptions. i’ll definitely do that.

Sounds good. i’ll do that!

I made a website that is aiming to solve this problem!

And we are accepting pull requests of all shapes and sizes!