Product Landing Page problem only in the fcc editor

The element placed at the end of the HTML document appears in the middle. When I tried to link my code to the forum, I copied my exact code to the codepen and noticed it worked just fine there. Would appreciate your help. Here is my code:

And here is what it looks like when I use the freecodecamp editor

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Hi @somegeorge80

First I recommend you check all your code in W3C validator and correct the errors.

After that let us know if you still having issues.

Great job so far! Happy coding!!

It is the height: 100% on #description that is causing it.

Not exactly sure what is causing the difference, but it is likely the containing wrappers (iframe, etc.). The way height: 100% gets its value is through the parent elements. You usually do not want to set a height like that and in this case, it shouldn’t be needed either.

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