Profile seems to have become messed up

I login using my github account (zleap) I think I was allocated as my user name, however this seems to show that I have not completed anything, I know I have completed the HTML element of responsive design.

If view as I get everything I have done shown fine.

I think I tried to change my name / user name to make it more friendly to others and in doing so confused the system somewhat.

Is it possible to figure out what I have done wrong so it can be corrected please.

I want to carry on with the css module, which I have started but it ends up showing HTML incomplete and 1 css activity completed.



The email address associated with your GitHub profile is probably different than the email address that you used to sign up for freeCodeCamp. This means that when you logged in with GitHub it created a new account.

I am sure that I used github to sign up, not really sure.

do you have changed the email address in your github account?

the freecodecamo account is linked to the email address used.
If you go to and scroll down a bit you can see which email is associated with the account(s)

Not that I can see it is still [my old email address] which is linked to github.

I am trying to move away from the [old] address so i may have broken something in doing that.

if you have changed the email address in the acount, then if you log in with a github linked to old email address it creates a new freecodecamp account.

If you login with the new email address, does that bring out your progress?

If I go here click on the github icon it takes me to my github account. if that helps

so the two are still bound together.

It doesn’t mean that they are linked together, as those are links you put in there yourself.
The account email, and the “Your Internet Presence” are different part of your accont settings. The Internet Presence are links you put yourself in there.

Try loggin in with the new email you wanted to add

Ok so I logged in with [my old address] did the OTP thing and ended up with it just showing i have completed 2 of the tasks,

Problem is I don’t really understand how the github login thing works properly.

and do you have the same email account in github? You said you have the same issue there.

You also said there is a new email you wanted to use to phase out of using that one. And that you tried changing the email of your freecodecamp account to the new email.
Can you try loggin in with the new email?

Ah yea, if I use [my new address] as my e-mail ., do the otp thing, then It seems to work, thanks

Should I change the e-mail in my profile to that one then ?

if you want to keep logging in with github you need to change also the email of your github account, yes

Ah ok thanks, I will do that other wise I will keep needing a OTP code.

you can also delete the account with no progress

Cool thanks, that seems to have fixed it, I can carry on with the CSS module now.

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Glad you managed it. Happy coding!

:slight_smile: Hopefully this thread will help others too.