Progress lost at 80% Bike Rental Shop Lesson

Hey all,

I was like 80% into the Build Bike Rental Shop lesson, and today I just returned to all my progress lost/gone. It’s only that specific course because the others I have completed are all checked. Is there a way to recover my progress or go straight to where I left it even if I don’t get the checkmarks? I think I can’t waste again so many hours doing that.

The most painful thing of all is losing my scripts :frowning:

If anyone went thru something similar, please let me know.

I already tried this:

  • Dissconnecting my github account and connecting back
  • Check latest status on codeally and run it again from there
  • Turn cookies on/off
  • Remove codeally auth from github and give permissions again.

Nothing has worked, I’m at the beginning of the lesson

This is sooooo discouraging! I have tried basically everything nothing seems to be working, progress was simply restarted!

Sorry for the troubles @ihsotaS - There was an issue loading containers recently, and I think some saved containers may have been lost in the process of fixing the issue. I noticed my dashboard had some of my projects missing, but I wasn’t sure if I deleted them or maybe that they got deleted in that process - I’m still not 100% sure, but that seems plausible.

Side note: I’m not sure if this is in place yet, but CodeAlly will likely be making it so your containers get deleted after a certain amount of time of inactivity - a month or something.

I will DM you and try to help you skip ahead.

Hey @moT01 , thanks a lot for the heads up! I don’t think it’s the inactivity thing cuz I still see all my other containers (altho maybe they got restarted as well) in codeally. I just spend few days away.

But its all good man, I went for a run and decided to go to the next project, I think at 80% of the bike rental lesson i can go thru the project by looking at my notes and googling a bit. So thanks a lot for the help and sorry for the rant in frustration.

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The instructions are here if you just want to look them over.