PROGRESS This may be meaningless to you but I have to share

I just spent 20 mins on trying to figure out how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, using javascript.
I am going through the Freecodeacademy Full Stack Development Certification and had to come up with my own solution to progress.

I know some of you out there find this as easy as crushing a kitten with a bulldozer, but I have to open up areas of my brain which are cold and dusty to get this to work.

But I did it.

Coding is really hard, it’s not like writing an attention-grabbing headline, which I find so easy it’s not really work.

Coding is hard, so when I work out something as simple as this, I get a synaptic buzz and am motivated to share.

My brain is that of a writer and not of a coder, even though I have spent 20 years in web development, I never really got down and dirty with the code.


I know that feeling bro. The personal satisfaction you get from coming up with and implementing your own solutions is incredible. I think that’s what attracts many of us to learning how to code

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We all have little moments like that as we’re learning. Keep it up, you’ll get there.

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Congratulations! Honestly, these first functions require you to understand variables and function arguments which many people find very conceptually foreign. For students without a STEM background, this is often the first hill they have to climb.

Please don’t take your sense of victory as a sign that you just aren’t good enough to be underwhelmed. I do this crap for a living and yesterday I jumped out of my seat at work when I finally got a test suite to run without crashing. I hear "Aha"s and "Yeeeeesssss"es around me every day at work because the people who do this all day every day have to be the people who get personal satisfaction out of success.


Yes, I think “conceptually foreign” is the correct way to describe this. As is, “I can’t get my head around it”.

From what I know of learning this will fade as I log more hours reading, watching, listening and implementing all the concepts that are covered.

My mindset is that of a writer, not a coder. A pretty clickbaity writer too :wink: So I play a little fast and loose with the language to get where I want to be.

I am enjoying learning to code, thanks mostly to FCC. I am becoming a bit of a fanbuy about this place.