From Zero To Hero - Coding Progress Journal From Day 1

Technically today is day 2. Regardless, I’ve decided to make a progress journal and share it here in the forum. I’m hoping it will aid me in staying accountable and consistent. Though, with all this free time, it’s not so difficult to find time for coding practice.

A bit about me, I’ve dabbled in coding using FCC before, and have dabbled with Python via a Udemy course. Besides that, I had limited HTML knowledge from customizing layouts back in the Xanga/Myspace days. I’m also a musician and have been involved with that for about a decade. I’m a jack of all trades when it comes to digital art, but most skilled in music.

I’m wanting to pursue coding for the purpose of informing and enhancing my pre existing skills. Some ideas relate to using coding in the process of art creation, or eventually coding, designing, and scoring a game myself. Lofty ambitions for sure, but I’m giving myself permission to dream. I would also like to be able to generate livable income using the skill, and leave the food service industry behind.

Thanks anyone who took the time to read this and keep checking back for my progress.

Day 1 (4/6/20) - Began HTML and HTML 5
Day 2 (4/7/20) - Completed entire HTML and HTML 5 and began Basic CSS

  • Notes: At this point I’ve realized that a more comprehensive understanding is going to be helpful in actually having a command of the skills that I can use to get a career. Not to say that I couldn’t cobble together ideas and tutorials to get a job done, but I want a true understanding or as close as possible. To that end, I’ve decided to spend the rest of this day and the next going BACK through the first two lessons and taking physical hand-written notes. I find that it makes it much easier for me to follow along with complex topics that are thick with new language, and numbers, and orientations, etc.

Great idea, good luck!

Noting stuff down in a physical notepad helped me understand React. It’s a great way to learn stuff.

Im on the same boat, I am writing down everything in a notebook as well.

My goal is to master 1 section every 1 or 2 days. I haven’t set a goal for projects as I don’t know their complexity, but I am expecting to complete at least 1 project a day.

Once I have a good understanding of the basics, I will take up different tutorials/lessons to go further into coding.

My ultimate goal is to land a software developer/engineer job in 8-12 months.

My background: Bachelor of Accounting, with equivalent credits/courses to Masters degree (for CPA). Looking to switch to a career I would enjoy more. Currently, I am putting in about 4 REAL HOURS of learning code.


You did the whole HTML course in one day?
Well, you are more motivated than I was when I started.


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I love the idea of this post - I’ll be checking back to see how you’re doing!

Also, writing notes down in a notebook is a really good idea! That’s what I did when I was working through some HTML/CSS material elsewhere, and I think the process helped me.

Great idea.

You can join this challenge as well.


Yes, so far I mastered everything in 1 day except for applied visual design, which took 2 days.

Keep in mind, I am looking to switch careers asap, so I am putting in a lot of time. But I am also slower than I could be as I am actually trying to understand the process and syntax. So I write it all down, and anything that is not clear, I google.

Edit: I also took coding classes back in high school and have worked with databases and SQL a little bit. So the first lessons are just a refresher really.

Hey there, how’s it going? Any updates?

Waiting for updates @tianshi

I’m also on the same side :smile: let’s move on and do a lot of practice. I wish all of us to have good success in whatever we do in life.

What a exciting conversation I’ve just read in here!
Excited to know how this guy’s doing :slight_smile:

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Sending a private message probably makes the most sense :slight_smile:

Good luck with everything!