Project feedback. Please

Please advise about my Tribute Page

Tribute Page

Great job. I like the layout and the UI.

Make sure you are passing all tests though. You can add a script tag in your html to start running tests like

<script src=""></script>


Overall it’s pretty good. There are a few things I would approach differently, but they are only aesthetic things, and therefor subjective. My feedback is purely my own preferences, do with it what you will:

  • I would add media queries so on smaller screens the text width property is higher. (~85%). That way it’ll still retain some readability.

  • I would split paragraphs into their own

    tags, then use the “text-indent” property to add an indent. The indent is just a nice touch, IMO.

  • Also add a little bit of spacing between the list items, just to help give them a little room to breath.