Project Ideas- JavaScript Basics up until ES6

Hello, I have learnt all the JavaScript basics up until all the ES6, any ideas for any self projects I could work on? I was thinking maybe like something to do with loops and switch characters and some ES6 to add to it.

The best thing to do is keep on learning ES5 and slowly start implementing ES6 for instance something like a web crawler would be a good one, Once done go back and rewite and research code blocks in ES6. As far as loops go, not too sure, you may have to study the code to find out what kind of projects have them. I hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply, I will have a look at how to build a web crawler bot. Then I can rewrite it like I did one time for the blackjack challenge when I rewrote it using if else statements and or comparisons :smiley:

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ooo I came up with an idea actually, if I created a word crawler like in a dictionary for example I can use regex and other syntax to identify words etc. Then I can implement loops and other functions.

Then as you said before as I learn more ES6 I can add to the code to make it more advanced and efficient.

Good, Regex is a great way to clean up code, I should use it more, this might give me motivation to start doing more projects. Happy coding!

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