Question about Chingu's July/August session

I applied for Chingu’s July/August session and I received an acceptance email on July 10. The email instructed us to fill out a second form for optimal placement, which I submitted on July 11. The email also said that we would receive a prep-packet and that the new cohort session would begin on July 20.

On Monday, I still hadn’t received a prep-packet, so I emailed tropicalchancer, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. And now, it’s July 20, and I’m kind of lost as to how to join Chingu ツ
Has the start date been postponed or something?

The Chingu cohorts aren’t an official part of FreeCodeCamp, so posting here may not get your question answered. We can try pinging @tropicalchancer, or you can send another query to the email address on the Chingu site.

Sorry, wish I knew more!

Just in case chance didn’t send you a message already.

The cohort started today, however we had some issues with Slack not allowing us to send so many invitations. He will get back to you eventually.


@PortableStick Thank you so much for your suggestion. We were able to communicate through the forum and I’m sure everything will work out.
@Oxyrus Thank you so much for the info. I’m glad there’s nothing to be worried about.