React + Polymer 2.0 (and Web Components)

Hello campers!

This is my first post on this community, so I’d like to say thank you to the creators of this awesome project and to the support of all of the campers!

I’m writing this because yesterday at Google I/O 17 there was a keynote about the future of the Polymer Project.
The version 2.0 popped out and a sentence caught my attention: “Polymer is compatible now with ALL the things”.
At the moment I’m learning React (thanks to the beta challenges of freecodecamp) and I’m wondering how to integrate Polymer in React.
Basically, I’m asking how the Shadow DOM can co-exists with the Virtual DOM and which are the best practise to make this happen, without encountering some odd and unwanted DOM triggers due to the mix of two conceptually similar but yet different technologies.

I’m waiting for the usual super-useful Medium article but, since then, I’m wondering what the community is thinking about this. Is it worth mix the standardised Web Components rule of Polymer (ans with the custom but awesome React way of do this?

Thanks to all!

I would just pick one or the other and work with it. Though Polymer, React, and Angular each have their merits, I can’t think of a single benefit to mixing them.