Responsive Web Design Updates

Hi, I use this Responsive Web Design course with my students in Spanish. I’ve seen the interface is translated, but the step-by-step instructions are still shown in English. Is there any plan to get these translated into Spanish as well? Otherwise, we might need to stick to the legacy version, as many students have difficulties with English… Thanks!

the translation is in progress! once it has finished the New Responsive Web Design will be added

as it says in the list of certifications

We would appreciate your help if you would like to make it appen faster

OK, just made one of the “Learn CSS colors”, will go on later in the day. Thanks!

i am very happy today

Hey, is there a way to see all the title of each step? Thank you!

the steps are titled as “Step” with a progressive number

Hello folks.

I just want to start learning coding today.
Where do I start from in FCC here?

If you’re new to coding, start with the (new) responsive web design course on the freecodecamp website.

This forum is for asking questions about coding or any coding lessons you are stuck on.

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I also would suggest, Watching some videos of people on youtube channels showing you what css can do. Just an idea to inspire you on how creative it can be.

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This is probably the fifth web development course I have started, but the only one I have finished. Thank you for making HTML, CSS actually fun to learn!
Is there any way I can contribute to the next series of responsive courses?

Oh yeah when the pop up comes up to donate you can set it up with a donation monthly. Or i would suggest contacting one one the freecodecamp workers they can help you with what you want to give

Hi! Could someone please clarify the certification situation? This FAQ says:

The certifications are exactly the same. All you need to claim a certificate is to complete the 5 Certification Projects, which are identical for both the Responsive Web Design and Legacy Responsive Web Design sections

…but the top of the legacy course says:

These courses are no longer part of the certification path, but are still available for you to further your learning. Go to the current version of the curriculum.

Which is correct?

Both statements are true. The certifications are the same and include the same certification projects, but the official path no longer includes the legacy curriculum.

I have a question. I am trying to help someone very new. How do I guide them if they need a spoiler alert due to new policy of showing answer if its still permitted.

You don’t give solutions to users. All that does is show that you can solve the problem.

You help them fix their code by telling them what they need to fix and guiding them through the process.

Ok awesome. So I am allowed to explain the problem., and what they need to add but not show the code solution, correct?

‘Add this piece of code here’ would be basically the same as giving a solution.

ok. That is making sense

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Hello, I have a problem with the #Survey form project, where can I ask for help about my codes?