Resume review for an 18 year old coding bootcamp graduate

I’m a 18 year old who just graduated from a coding bootcamp. I wanted to ask a 2nd opinion on my resume which i just created. I’m very doubtful because i have no experience in anything whatsoever. All i have done is create a few projects. So i don’t know if what i have put on my resume is good enough to start applying for entry-level/junior roles.
So i would appreciate it if anyone helped.

Here’s the image to my resume

I’m very doubtful because i have no experience in anything whatsoever.

There are other ways to get experience. Build apps, work in open source, volunteer, build something with friends… Not having “real” experience makes it harder, but it still is possible.

My thoughts on your resume - keep in mind that this is from an American perspective.

Don’t include your whole address. A city is fine.

A picture? Is that common in your country? If it is, I’d get a better picture. Maybe looking up from your laptop. Smiling? You want them to picture you in the cubicle next to them and think in the back of their head, “That is someone I want to work with.” You look annoyed.

“Skills and Proficiencies” - Don’t use three words when one will do. Doesn’t “Skills” work?

It’s weird to me to include Bootstrap with HTML, CSS, and JS. “JavaScript” is usually written in camel case, and “jQuery” - make sure the technologies are written the “correct” way.

Don’t include “web development” as a skill, it’s implied.

Anyone that doesn’t know what TDD means won’t know what “test driven development” means.

“Communication” and “Attentive” shouldn’t be there - everyone says that about themselves. They will make up their minds on that in an interview.

In the Education section, why the weird indenting?

Tighten up the Education section. You don’t need to list the course list or syllabus. I would just say how long it was and list the topics learned. You don’t need to say “Use of frameworks and libraries (ReactJS)”. Just list “ReactJS”. That is enough - you don’t need to explain what it is. You don’t need to explain that Git is a Version Control System. Don’t say “Capstone Projects(2)”. Just list them on experience.

Expand the Experience section. This is the most important. What techs did you use? A link to an app would be nice.

I’ll try to take a look at your portfolio after lunch.

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I once wrote a document with my advice on getting a first job.


Looking at the portfolio, I don’t think it is that bad. I find the color combination a little harsh, but I’m old fashioned.

I think the center justification in the information cards doesn’t work. I think left justification or maybe full justification.

I think there should be more margin between the project cards.

I think all the cards should have a shadow, even a very subtle one.

The alignment of the link text and the icon looks odd to me.

I think the project cards should have some text below them: what it is, what techs you used … never pass up a chance to tell people what you’ve done, what techs you’ve used, etc.

Another thing I would mention is that you should have a pdf version of your resume, and that should have no background colors - because someone might print it out.

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I agree with this. A flashy looking resume might backfire in a number of cases. Whereas a simpler plain-text resume will always suffice.

The one situation where flashy looking resumes help is if you’re applying in person. In these cases having a flashy resume can help you stand out and at least get a further look-in.

That said, be-careful of the color choices, the black on red might be harsh on the eyes. I’d check this against an accessibility color checker to make sure they are different enough:

I’d also be careful about using icon-links rather than text for your contacts. If I wanted to email you… I can’t.

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HI @fanatII1 !

Welcome to the forum!

You already received some great advice on your resume and portfolio.

Aside from your resume and portfolio, having a strong linkedin profile can help get connected with recruiters. When you are trying to get that first job, any little bit helps.

Also think of it as an online version of your resume.

Here are my thoughts on your linkedin profile.

I think you should change your profile picture to just be a headshot.
It would be nice if you smiled a little bit.
Remember that it is all about first impressions.

As for your title, drop aspiring.
Just say software developer or full stack developer.

One section you are underusing on your linkedin profile is your Features section.

This can be a section for your projects.
This can be a huge help in your profile especially if you don’t have work experience.

Here is my featured section for example

That sections has my projects and articles.

I would suggest looking at Danny Thompson’s video on how to get a job using linkedin

That will help you boost your profile and get connected with potential recruiters.

Danny Thompson also has great content for resumes and portfolios too.

Hope that helps!

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thanks alot sir. I’m definently fixing that today.

thank you for your help.
workibg on it.

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