Right approach for preparing for developer job when you have gap years and no relevant experience?

Right now I have done upto TIC TAC TOE game in FCC curriculum path.It has been two and half months following FCC.A little background about me-
I have a computer Engineer degree (4 years[2010-2014]).I was a liitle bit lost in my final year.Putting the story short I get a job in 2015,March in one of the leading Consultancy Companies.There I was trained on C++ for 3 months then I was allotted a project which was on DOT NET. There I was made to focus more on business side and within 5 months in that project I resigned.Again I was lost.I decided to do home business but after 4 months I decided to comeback.So I started learning web development and there I found FCC.

My Question is that I am applying for jobs but I am not getting any calls.Also most of the jobs require experience.Am I on the right track?Is there any body in similar situation?The more time is passing the more pressure is building on me! Should I just focus on FCC curriculum or should I do some more things?

Also some of my friends are suggesting to go for masters for which I need to prepare for GATE(in India) which requires full concentration so I have to stop my learning web development.Also some are suggesting to prepare for GRE and go abroad for MS.
I am not very clear what to do? I will be really thankful if you all suggest me the right path with supporting reasons.
Thanks all!