Rusty and Need Advice

I went through a data science boot came about 3 years ago and have become rusty. I want to get back into it but I’m struggling to find places to grind my skills (how I found this place) and find projects. Any advice on these two things would be great! My new years resolution is to change job fields from a Help Desk tech to something in development or Data oriented with the plan of going down ML and Ai.

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It’s really great to hear that you are looking to rekindle your skills in data science after a break!

We do have a tone of resources that can help you achieve this, the most reliable one would be Datacamp, this will be a good place to refresh your knowledge. In addition to this you can also check platforms like Udemy, edX , Kaggle or even YouTube.

When it come to ML and AI you still can use the same platforms as they offer beginner frienldy resources to help you get started, but I would also recommend to begin with freeCodeCamp’s certification of Machine Learning with Python for a better understanding of the concept.

Happy Coding :hearts:.


Adding to @larymak’s advice,

you can start with this basic python certification from freeCodeCamp
in case you don’t remember python or want to ensure you have a good basic foundation before doing the “ml with python certification”

alternatively, there also is which is a fantastic resource which you can use alongside to learn concepts

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