Saying "GoodBye" to all great FCC community

Thanks to all you guys from the forum community in all your support on any problems I ever had. Had a nice time learning some new stuff for me on here.
But finally, I give up.
I was trying to cross, solve the challenge “MongoDB and Mongoose - Install and Set Up Mongoose” but I dont know how to do it. I did try on many ways and no one of my solutions never passed through. So,... Im ending my journey with FreeCodeCamp on this point.
Regards to all.

Yeah, I also stop doing challenges by that point (the backend ones) because i didn´t get how get damn thing work on glitch and whatever.

But there´s still more interesting FCC, take a look at the Algorithms Interview Challenges, those are hard and serious and there are plenty of them! I have a long way to go still with FCC! :slight_smile:

In the end, of course, it’s your decision. But, nothing has to be final. Take some time to clear your mind of your frustrations and come back when you feel ready. Maybe just watch some tutorials on YouTube and passively consume information until you’re ready to become more active again.

Hope to see you continue with fCC, but whatever your decision is, good luck!

From your earlier question topic, it seems to me that you have skipped lessons Managing Packages with Npm and Basic Node and Express and / or introductions to these challenges. All should be pretty easy if you read through all the introductions (especially Introduction to the MongoDB and Mongoose Challenges).

Don’t give up, tomorrow is a new day :slight_smile:

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You remind me of me lol.

You seem to be extremely hard on yourself and have extremely unreachable standards.

I was once like you. Wanting results quickly ; wanting to make something pretty quickly. I’ll tell you some truth about what i learned on this “code journey”. Learning to code is extremely hard (I don’t know why people say its easy ITS FREAKING HARD) . It is a game of mistakes and you need to learn to be comfortable making mistakes. Finally you need to be patient.

Its a muscle memory game once you learn the theory. The more you type code the better you will get.

Now leaving that aside here is why you should not give up. If what i wrote above rings true. You are never totally satisfied with the work you put out. I personally am still like that but i’m changing through the learning experience. I’m learning to let go of unrealistic standards of work output . I’m also learning to pat myself on the back when i manage to get it right.

Take it slow. Enjoy it. If you want to learn Web Development.

Focus on learning to create beautiful pages for now. (FrontEnd) <=== this is really good to design quickly and learn how to layout pages.

when you master it do all the front end exercises. step by step.

good luck either way

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Dear members,
Even I dont know how to thank you guys for all your nice and great full motivated comments according to my dump note. I dont know what to say to you all, Im speechless. Normally Im very ambitious and mostly always achieving my goals.
A few months ago I just start my adventure with this coding, learning programming languages. For me it`s a just a pleasure, something new and very interesting, kind of passioned me, impressing, something that I like to do in my spare time, not for living or to make money on it. I love my profession and happy to treat this as my new hobby.
I know people spend years by learning programming languages, working on projects, and I truly respect that. I just want in a short time to get to know the main languages to be able to great beautiful, modern and reach web sites or apps. If, is possible. Have no time to spend years on that.
Once again, thank you for all positive notes :love_you_gesture:t3:

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Don’t give up!

Maybe Try that:


Good things take time. If you think the material on FCC could be improved than feel free to improve them. The website is open source on github and there’s a few chats you can participate in to voice your frustrations.

In the end though it’s your choice. Good luck on your other adventures :peace_symbol: