Searching a vue.js course

There are many good courses out there for React. Like webos, level tuts etc.

But I’ve problems to find a really good course out there for vue.js.

Do you’ve any recommendations? Or should I start with react?


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I have not found any vue.js courses in the past, but I was instead directed to the documentation to learn how to use it. In the parts I looked at, it did a pretty good job.

I think ‘where to start’ is dependent on your need and comfort with everything.
If you have no specific need to use vue.js and you want to use a course to assist in your learning then I would check out React as it has those.

Search for Net Ninja on YouTube. He’s got great tutorials on various web dev subjects, one of which is Vue.js. Vue is well-know for having great docs so I’d read those as well.

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You have this one in udemy which you can get for 10$ most of the time

And I have also read that this series in laracasts is pretty good

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hey timm! you can learn from this site.

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If you are seeking to pickup Vue and start learning right away

You will benefit immensely by going to vuemastery by Gregg Pollack and Adam Jahr

Their coursework and intro to Vue speaks for itself. You will definitely be eager to want to learn Vue and receive support to guide your exploration through concepts and contextual application of such through coding along and projects

You can also receive Vue news through their newsletter and the podcast that covers a wide range of resources available and other related info