Seeking a junior front end developer role


So I am seeking a junior front end developer role however where I live I cant seem to find any junior positions.

The roles require 2+ years of experience. And solid understanding of JS. I am currently not confident in my JS skills and i am working on improving this.

What should i do?

Shall I just apply even if it isnt a junior role

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I would only start applying if you feel pretty confident in JavaScript which I think is a really core skill for a front-end developers now days.

Then go for it and start applying. 2 yrs of experience I think is really just a buzz word and although if you haven’t had professional experience before, if you brush up skills and prove that you are just as good as someone that has 2yrs of experience, it shouldn’t matter. But be ready to show your knowledge and accomplishments though.

This will help you out too.