Should I pause my progress to practice?

I am on my last project in the Responsive Web Design certification and I still feel like I am not comfortable or confident with CSS. Should I take some time to practice more projects or exercises? Or should I just continue because everything will “get into place” eventually and make more sense?

Hi, this depends on a few factors, but generally my advice is to push on. Here’s why that’s usually the best idea:

There’s going to be a lot of difficult ideas down the road, and getting used to the rhythm of learning as you use it will make the overall experience faster. It’s okay to look stuff up whenever you forget, but if that’s the case, don’t copy/paste the correct code you found after looking it up, writing it out yourself makes you process it.
It’s a bit uncomfortable, feels a little like going into the deep end of the pool as you just learned how to swim. But here there’s no risk to actually drown.

For your specific case, if you have a good amount of time on your hands, I recommend building another webpage from the ground up, at the same time starting on the other challenges. This way you have something at the end you can look at and feel proud of, and as you get into the frontend dev stuff even modify that page to have all that included.

The page should be something simple, so you aren’t demotivated by the scope of the project. But don’t just repeat exercises you’ve done before. That feeling of staying in place is pretty bad at keeping yourself motivated to learn, and coding practice without context doesn’t translate well into real world scenarios anyway.

You should post some of your projects for feedback, maybe get a bit more confidence there, and/or get more opportunities for practice by fixing some of the mistakes people may point out.

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Hi @argybisk !

That is completely normal. You are still new to all of this. It will take time to become comfortable with this stuff.

The goal is to have a basic understanding of this material not total confidence.
You will start to become more confident as you build more projects.

If you have that basic understanding, then move onto the javascript section after you complete your last project.
You will get more practice with html and css in the front end section.

Also, you could build small side projects while you go through the javascript section.

Hope that helps!

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