Should i restart the entire html & html5 certificate program...?

i used snippet of code from a youtubers profile showing us the very minimum to get through the courses…the academic honesty policy doesn’t say that you can use snippets of youtube code…Do i just restart? I was using the youtubers advice on code because i wasent sure if i was doing everything correctly until after watching the youtuber then i learned that there is a testing section in the code for the five projects …I didn’t even know that lol…but i went back and for the most part most of the code was right … but after i fixed what I could there was no way to resubmit my work…i need advice…alos im fine with just restarting if that whats i need to do… thanks

What do you mean “no way to resubmit my work”.I did it yesterday.

What have you tried?

HI @newtoniiren !

@MyTrueName is correct in saying that you can resubmit a project as many times as you want to.

But to answer your question about starting over, I don’t think you need to redo the challenge because those are optional anyway.

I have mixed feelings about watching tutorials for these projects.

Before I started FCC, I would code along with tutorials.
But I found myself relying on them to much and not researching enough on my own.

That would be my advice for you.

Break away from the tutorials for these projects, and try the research and ask method.

It takes a lot longer to do the projects this way but you learn way more with this approach.

When I switched to this approach a few months back, I felt like I was progressing a lot more and my work started to become stronger because I wasn’t relying on tutorials for projects.

There will be tons of mistakes and error messages but the research and ask method forces you to debug your code better whereas the tutorial approach shows you one way to do things.

I would look at the projects and maybe experiment with different concepts that weren’t covered in the tutorials and try to remake it in a different way for better understanding.

Hope that helps!


After I added in the tester to the code that tells you what you’re doing right and wrong…I fixed what I could then I tried to add the new link in the submit box…and I thought it worked until I went back to my profile and looked at my solutions…and they hadn’t changed…yours may have not changed either…I’d check

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Usually you are not going to see it immediately change.
I would give it some time.

If you check back in a couple of days and it still didn’t submit, than you can bring up the issue here on the forum under #support and they can look into it.

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Muchas gracias lol…helps a bunch

Hello there,

A project can be submitted as many times as you wish.

Your data should be updated immediately, provided you have:

  1. Added the correct URL to the solution input
  2. Clicked the “I’ve completed this challenge” button
  3. Clicked the “Submit and continue…” button which pops up with the modal.

The only time you would not see an immediate change on your profile is:
a) You have not refreshed the page (the data needs to come from the server, as it is not local state)
b) You are viewing a cached resource (possible with the certification pages) - solution is to hard refresh your browser page.

Hope this clarifies

after the completion modal appear you need to click on “Submit and go next channel” to submt the solution, can you try doing that?