Should I still learn Node.js or rather focus on Deno?


It is just about the time for me to finish the front-end curriculum of freecodecamp and my plan is to start learning backend web development. My plan was to continue with freecodecamp curriculum and learn npm, Node.js, Express and MongoDB next.

But this week I keep seeing multiple posts on Quora, Reddit and even my IG feed about how Deno is going to replace Node.js. I have very little understanding of backend at the moment and I wouldn’t be able to compare 2 of those technologies. So what is your opinion on the topic? Does it still make sense to learn Node.js or should I focus on newer technology such as Deno?

Per Ben Awad on youtube, he recommended that knowing Node.js would have transferrable skills to Deno since it is created by the same person. However, for a beginner of backend development, focus on Node first as it is much more documented. By the time you have a solid understanding of it, picking up Deno will be a breeze.