Site Feedback: 2 giant annoyances

  1. Basic Front End Dev - Build a Tribute Page
    Objective: Build a CodePen app that is functionally similar to this:

First of all, up to this point, responses had to be EXACT. If it said .addClass I had to get all the caps etc correct.

Secondly, I found out why the page says to not look at the demo source… because the demo uses features that haven’t been introduced, and cannot be replicated with the features that were introduced.

So basically “make this page that can’t be made” with the assumption, based on previous lessons, that it should be at least “a very close replication”. I’ve a bit of experience with web dev, and I could tell by looking at the demo that there wasn’t enough info in the previous lessons to replicate the page. You can get fairly close, and if you spent a ton of time, noodling with it, you could replicate it. . . but the demo cheats by using bootstrap features not given in the lessons.

Ultimately, being unable to come close to the demo with the info provided is annoying, frustrating. It’s even worse with the 2nd demo in that section.

  1. Forum registration
    Being a separate registration from the main site is annoying, especially since they both use Github OAuth.

Hey @monsto - you are not expected to restrict yourself to only the things FCC has already introduced, you are expected to use the project to broaden your knowledge, do a little research into areas that add the functionality you need to bring your portfolio page to life with your own style and flavor. Direction #2 asks you to use whatever libraries you need to accomplish the goal.

  1. Fulfill the below user stories. Use whichever libraries you need. Give it your own personal style.

Use Bootstrap if that is something you’d like, or anything else really, just make sure the code is yours and not copied, and you are golden.

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The info on the page could use about 2 sentences that would make that clear.

Something like

Don’t forget that in the previous lessons we’ve only touched on the capabilities of Bootstrap and JQuery. The documentation for these tools is available at .

Something that encourages that 1) you don’t have to make it exactly like the demo and 2) you use further, yet unstated, capabilities of these tools.

Clearly, 400milllion people have been thru FCC without a problem, so I dunno how much it matters.

Just tryin to help.

[edit] aaand I just looked at the “Build a personal portfolio” webpage. . . which has about 300 lines of css (including shit I’ve never seen) and custom JS.

Build an app functionally similar? Great. Thanks.

The word “similar” in Objective #1 of the project instructions to me means it does not have to be an exact replica of the demo.

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The instruction could be more verbose in places, that is for sure. To your point - in fact the website you build can be wildly different! It only asked that it be “functionally similar”. i.e. have a link to an external page, that it has an image and text, etc…

Indeed…the point isnt for it to tell you exactly what to do, but for you to go forth and with the knowledge you do have, research how to do the things you dont know using the example as a guide. FCC emphasizes Read, Search, Ask and this is where you start working on your reading, searching and asking skills.

Now I do think it would be beneficial to make that even more clear in the beginning. Like, as you get further into the challenges, it will offer links you may find useful to help solve a challenge. Doing the same thing with this first project and offering a link to the Bootstrap documentation would help make it clear that the hand holding is over, time to do this on your own.

And you totally can…no doubt, just that if you know you are now expected to learn how to research to put your site together, it puts you in a different frame of mind than feeling like youe been dropped off and expected to now know it all…which isnt the case at all.